Monday, July 27, 2009

Thing 23: Is it the end or the beginning????

I can't believe summer is coming to a close and that all of these Things have been learned! :)

My favorite Thing was probably the Readers or RSS feeds. That is something that I use daily now and I never knew what they were before. I also really loved learning through those Creative Content videos. My least favorite thing was probably Twitter! That is surprising because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE facebook and Twitter is just another form of social networking but it just seems boring to me. I will probably never log onto it again. I thought LibWorm was disappointing too.

Google Docs was definitely something that I will use again. I thought that I knew what it was but really had no idea. I also learned how to actually use Wikis which is nice to understand.

I will be very interested to see what I can access in my school system because so many things are blocked. I hope that I can continue to use my Reader and would like to show my students about mash ups but I know Flickr is blocked. At least I will know what people are talking about as they throw around the jargon of the new technology.

All good Things must come to an end!! :)

Thing 22

It is hard for me to think in terms of how this would help fellow librarians. I am just a library student and my first real library position will not begin for several more weeks. My background is teaching and I think it would be extremely helpful for teachers to participate in a 23 Things. I was asked during my interview to describe a potential staff development training that I could give to my fellow staff members. This would have been perfect to have mentioned!

Schools are limited in terms of access to multiple computers at one time for staff training. However, the projection system is used frequently during staff trainings. One thing could easily be included during each staff meeting (except those things that are blocked by the school internet system). Exposing the staff to the Thing would be the first step. Then emails with links and info similar to each blog could be sent to give teachers an opportunity to explore at their own leisure. Just to spice it up, I would also include a drawing for those that participated all the way through and blogged about it. I think that I would include some of the Creative Content videos for sure but I would also include information from reputable education web sites. For example, on the Podcast Thing I would send out a link to podcasts on the Library of Congress web site. Or, I would include a United Streaming Thing to accompany the You Tube (in addition to Teacher Tube).

Part of the benefit of the Thing experience is to keep up with what are students are doing. We have to know what they use to connect with them. Thing training would be a great step in the right direction!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Thing 21 Podcast

I get internet service through tethering my computer to my mobile phone. That said, connections are always a little more tedious for me than if I had faster internet service. I went to the Library Success Wiki and then clicked on I was less than impressed with her podcasts. You could hear her breathing in the microphone and her voice was too flat to hold my interest. Her podcasts were more of book talks.

I went to the Washington State Libraries link which gave me podcasts on how to improve my tech skills. I chosed how to improve searches with AND. The female voice was a little lower than I would like. I still like the Creative Content videos as a more useful tool in improving my skills!

Honestly, I didn't think it was all that interesting. I would not subscribe to them. I did learn that Podcast was audio. I thought that they were audio and video. Podcasts could be useful for library users that learn via audio. Iphone users would also benefit greatly from Podcast capabilities. I just wouldn't choose them myself! I like audio books but only if they are told by exciting authors like Jim Dale (Harry Potter) so maybe it is the voice that prevents me from enjoying these.

Thing 20 YouTube

Everyone under age 80 has heard of YouTube. It is such a sensation! Clips of Susan Boyle singing on Britian's Got Talent stormed the media recently. Even this morning, on the Today Show, I saw a YouTube segment on a wedding where the wedding party--including the bride--danced their way into the chapel. Part of my concern with YouTube is the copyright issue. Howard Stern is a favorite media person of mine. He often complains about the clips from his previous television show on YouTube. He refuses to even allow clips from YouTube on his airwaves because of his personal feelings towards to the copyright infrigement that occurs.

However, I followed through and typed in Texas Library. I got the Library Book Cart Drill Team clip. Funny! You really need to take a look at the "Bibliofiles" performance.

I also typed in story time. I got a lot of stuff from youths that was inappropriate to say the least. I added the term library and got mainly commercials for story times.

YouTube is here to stay. I wish I had more time to play around on it but I usually only watch when a clip is featured on mainstream television programs.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thing 19

Wooohooo! All the way up to Thing 19! I look forward to finishing this up soon...

I am a user of Google Docs. I went on the site and found some of the documents that I already have on there. Google is a great tool. It stinks that the district blocks out so much of it. I wonder if Google Docs is blocked out too.

But, I have to admit that I only used Google Docs to open documents emailed to me. I had no idea you could make presentations and create other new documents. Do you think Microsoft is worried that they will be replaced? I know that we depend too heavily on Windows to have Google instead. It would be nice to have all of that for free though.

I can see me using this except I don't really need to. I understand Office and have it on my computer. I guess that I could have used it for one of group projects in a class that I am taking. It says you can keep track of who made changes. That would have been nice for us to all have access to one document instead of us having to copy and paste changes later. Maybe I will try this sometime after all!

Thing 18

Wiki is something that I have always wanted to know more about. It just so happens that I got my first invite to join my new job's Wiki group today! Coincidence? I think not!

I am very aware of Wikipedia and yes--I know Alice--it is not a reliable source of information! However, it is often the very place I go to find information on a variety of topics. I did not know about the history or comments part. I typed in Sonya Sotomayer just because that is a hot topic in the news this week. Let's just say the discussion section was lengthy! I was surprised that the discussion was relatively professional (not like a typical comments section of most web sites!). The history was interesting as there had been changes about every 3 minutes for the past 24 hours! Hot topic indeed!

Not really sure about the Wiki Wetpaint page. I hope that I become more familiar with it as I starting working with the other librarians in my district!

Thing 15 Digg

I was quite unsure about this Digg business when the first story I saw was about Vanessa Hudgens from High School Musical appearing naked in some movie. Seriously? Do I care? I do have to give credit that there were absolutely NO Michael Jackson stories on the first page in Entertainment.

I like the fact that there is a link to Facebook (as I am ALL about Facebook)! There are all the RSS feeds in the top right corner in the event I want to add it to my Reader. But, I really don't have time to Digg this up ever. Maybe I just caught it on a slow day. There just wasn't anything that interested me in the most popular stories of the last 24 hours. Although: the link to "If a guys says GO MAKE ME A SANDWICH what's a good comeback?" has potential.

Digging is done.